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"Yes, I don't believe they dare to kill us." The matchless immediately inserted his waist and said. Shut up However, he was interrupted by Yang Haoxuan's exclamation.

"Yes, I don't believe they dare to kill us." The matchless immediately inserted his waist and said. Shut up However, he was interrupted by Yang Haoxuan's exclamation. He knew that Uncle Gu was a martial artist in the final analysis. Last time in Wuyun Town, others didn't care about you. Now it's useless. And he believed that their revenge was false, and that robbing the remaining treasures was true. This is a wealth that makes anyone move. Yang Haoxuan! Suddenly, outside the bar came a very rough shout, the voice with endless hatred and a special internal force, can make people afraid of people, let people fear each other, as if the other side is their natural enemy, this is the peak of Wu Wang realm, a special ability, but Yang Haoxuan temperament masculine, self-stability, plus are Wu Wang realm. So it doesn't affect looking outside at all. Sure enough, as he had expected, yesterday he saw the King Kong with a butcher's knife standing majestically in front of the bar, as if killing a God. Fortunately for Yang Haoxuan, Jin Xuan, who was wearing Buddha beads, was not there. And the King Kong of the eighth rank of King Wu is seven realms higher than Yang Haoxuan. It's impossible for him to win, but it's a little difficult for the other side to slay him, especially now that he has the King Kong Buddha Bell in his body, he can fight with the other side. Hey hey, I originally had a tornado in the body is not afraid of you two brothers, just didn't think of the breeze they on the island, let me tie my hands,spill plastic pallet, now you come alone, even if I desperately, also want to slay you, rely on the experience, may let me upgrade, rely on level 35 skills, hey hey, you another one to I am not afraid! Yang Haoxuan heart bright, not afraid, if at the moment standing in front of the door is their bald two people,plastic pallet supplier, he will never have this idea, but at the beginning to find a way to get away. Uh-oh! Ah! Ah At this time, the prosperous wealth in Yang Haoxuan's arms was shouting, originally thought he was uneasy, but the result was to see him change his usual lovely appearance, red eyes, fangs, shouting at King Kong outside the door, a look of protecting the Lord. Little fellow, it seems that I didn't raise you in vain, but you'd better grow up quickly and become a strong warrior. Yang Haoxuan saw Wangcai like this, there is a feeling of extreme satisfaction, and then patted him on the head. Only then did Wangcai stop shouting with some reluctance. Yang Haoxuan, are you Yang Haoxuan? Good, as expected is the hero gives the youth, unexpectedly dares to slay my younger brother, I tell you today, you must die today! King Kong stood alone in front of the door, when he came, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible bulk container, he drank loudly, and then his eyes strolled in the bar. Under the finger of the man who had just stepped on the spot, he recognized Yang Haoxuan clearly. His words were like cannons. With his tall body, it really gave people a sense of oppression. Haha, a lot of people have told me that you will die today, but do you know what happens to them? Yang Haoxuan is not afraid to laugh, a look of contempt for the common people. At this time, Uncle Gu took the initiative to stand out. After all, it was a matchless disaster. So he said to King Kong, "Captain Jin, I am Gu Wujian of the Guiyi Sword Sect. I don't know what dispute you have with my friend." "To the One Sword Sect?" King Kong murmured and swept Uncle Gu and the others. Aware of their low cultivation, he shouted, "What's the dispute?"? That boy killed my brother, and now I want him to fill it with his life. Do you still want to stop others from taking revenge? I tell you that you should go all over the world. If you want to protect him, I will kill you together today! Uncle Gu was very embarrassed if he obviously did not give face. You bald donkey, don't think you're better than us. Do you know my father. What is the cultivation of our teaching? He can squeeze you to death with one finger. But no one thought, matchless but jumped out again, loudly shouted, she naturally did not help Yang Haoxuan, but King Kong's attitude made her very dissatisfied. You call me a bald donkey? King Kong's eyes were cold, and a real murderous look shot out. He actually wanted to slay the disciples of the second sect of the earthly world, Gui Yi Jian Sect. "Uncle Gu, I didn't say, take that mentally ill child away quickly, he won't listen to you, let me fight with him!" Yang Haoxuan said helplessly to Uncle Gu. Before Uncle Gu could speak, the matchless just blushed and said, "What are you trying to do? Do you think someone else is only the first rank of King Wu? He is the eighth rank of King Wu. Do you have any hope?" PS: Do you hate the matchless? Do you want to see the protagonist SM? Hey hey, then collect it, Huhu, do not collect cut JJ. Chapter 138 catch a turtle in a jar. Hear matchless words, Yang Haoxuan heart hold out a breath ah, what is the best? It doesn't matter if a person is stupid. What matters is that he runs to the street and says you are stupid. But now he is not in the mood to answer her, because the King Kong outside will not listen to matchless nonsense, his goal is Yang Haoxuan. As a result, Yang Haoxuan soon found himself locked, this is the master between the hands of ordinary people, lock each other's breath, do not rely on the eyes, completely by feeling, that efficiency is several times faster, so, he also quickly locked King Kong's breath, even if he felt the other's breath surging huge, like the sea, endless, bottomless. Eh? You're going to fight me? King Kong keenly aware of Yang Haoxuan will lock himself, a little surprised, in his mind, Yang Haoxuan this little mouse, in the face of a strong self, should try to escape is, now dare to lock his breath, this is not looking for death? You know, he was several times better than his brother, so he had an interesting expression on his face and waved the butcher's knife a few times. Well, let's get out of the inn quickly. Uncle Gu saw that the two sides were about to start a battle, and they were both King Wu. He was powerless. He could only look at Yang Haoxuan apologetically. Then he looked at the matchless. He wanted to blame him, but he couldn't open his mouth all the time. Finally,plastic pallet bin, he sighed helplessly and said, "We can't help Yang Haoxuan. Alas, we owe him a favor again." 。 cnplasticpallet.com