What are Facebook's SWOTs PESTLE analysis?

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Have you ever wondered how to explain Facebook’s SWOT and PESTLE analysis in simple words? Undoubtedly, it is tough.

Have you ever wondered how to explain Facebook’s SWOT and PESTLE analysis in simple words? Undoubtedly, it is tough.

But we can always try.

With each year that goes by, the social media frenzy just gets stronger. Facebook has continued to reign as the leader among all social media networks.

Facebook is the biggest social networking platform, with over a billion active users. The goal of Facebook is to increase connectivity and openness in the world.


In this SWOT analysis, we will explore Facebook's primary strengths and weaknesses and its most significant threats and opportunities.

  • S for Strengths
  1. A monthly active user base of more than a billion-

An online community needs users in order to expand. Facebook becomes increasingly socially connected as its user base grows. Facebook connects people not just locally but also globally, thanks to its one billion active users each month.

Experts who offer Facebook’s SWOT and PESTLE analysis abide by the same.

  1. Fantastic user experience -

Facebook has several characteristics other social networks do not have, like an intuitive user interface, integration with numerous websites, connecting users via PC or mobile devices, supports more than 70 languages, and many more.

  • W for Weaknesses
  1. Advertising with low CTR –

Facebook's click-through rate (CTR), which is barely 0.05 percent compared to 4 percent for the average website, is lower. As a result, Facebook must alter how the advertising is presented in order to generate more revenue from them (wall posts with advertisements have a CTR of more than 6%), but without affecting the user experience.

  • O for Opportunities
  1. More and more individuals are using mobile devices to access Facebook -

More than 600 million people currently use mobile devices to access Facebook. Even though this demographic represents 60% of all Facebook users, only 14% of the company's revenue comes from mobile advertising. Facebook has the chance to develop a platform that may be used to show adverts to mobile users and boost the company's revenue.

  • T for threats
  1. People are using ad-blocking addons –

Internet users that are well-informed frequently install addons that prevent website ads. The rising number of these users poses a danger to Facebook's business model because they are unable to view or interact with adverts.

Final Thoughts,

Facebook's SWOT analysis reveals that the business is doing well increased its market share, but its future would be seriously jeopardized if some radical new modifications weren't made.

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